Maciej Wieloch

President of the Supervisory Board

The President of the Board and Member of the Investment Committee of Infini Ltd. investment fund, being in charge of the acquisition of projects, investor relations, supervision over the process of negotiation of investment agreements, as well as the monitoring of portfolio companies. Assistant Professor at the Collegium of Management and Finance of the Warsaw School of Economics, the author of many publications from the area of corporate finance. Since 2010 - a Member of the Board of Innovation Accelerator (NOT). Prior to this, a Manager of programmes aimed at the promotion of entrepreneurship and a specialist on the assessment of the influence of legal regulation change for the Government Legislation Centre. Maciej is also a current Member of the Committee of Academic Entrepreneurship of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology.


Ernest Wawryniuk

Member of the Supervisory Board

The Vice President of Board and Member of the Investment Committee of Infini Ltd. investment fund, as responsible for the organisation and management of the process of project verification, including the evaluation of the market potential they represent, the acquisition of projects and the maintenance of contact with the cooperating institutions within the enterprise, as well as the management and monitoring of portfolio companies. A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw School of Economics (the Corporate Management according to MBA standards). Prior to this, he would serve as the Managing Director of European Advisory Centre for six years, having been a Member of the Board of Innovation Accelerator (NOT) since 2010.


Andrij Włach

Member of the Supervisory Board

The Managing Partner of Startit Fund, a high-risk technological investment fund. An expert in the field of commercialisation of intellectual property. Master degree in Financial Management (Higher School of Business - NLU in Nowy Sacz, Poland), B.A. diploma in Management and Marketing (National Louis University), PhD studies at Wroclaw University of Economics, Faculty of Management, Computer Science and Finance. Certified Adviser in the alternative trading system New Connect in Warsaw (since 2012). In the past professionally linked to Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ Ltd., the real estate investment fund of Supernova Capital Group in Wrocław as well as with the Western Ukrainian Management Consulting. Experience supported by economic analyses of dozens of scientific research projects and successful transactions of investments and exits concerning start-up companies.

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