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The global programme to combat most dangerous epidemics


Recurring outbreaks of such epidemics as SARS, Zika or Ebola virus diseases, as well as their fatal toll, still remind us of our powerlessness. In order to gain the ability to counteract it, a programme aimed at creating supplies of vaccines for the ...

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One Health


"One Health" initiative was first put forward at the beginning of the 21st century. Its name manages to summarise the concept that has been known for at least a century within two words only - namely, that both human and animal health are ...

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Not Only MERS Comes from Camels


There was a research work published in the August issue of reputable PNAS magazine, with its authors reporting that MERS-CoV is not the only zoonotic virus having its source in dromedary camels. It turned out that ...

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Signing of the license agreement


We are pleased to announce the conclusion of a license agreement with the Jagiellonian University, empowering us to commercial exploitation of invention protected by patent application titled "Use of chitosan polymer for the treatment and ...

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