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Who we are and what we do?

Startit Vet is a biotechnological startup operating in the field of veterinary medicine - our first project is devoted to the development of a medicine to be applied in combating coronaviruses in domestic and farmed animals.

Coronaviruses are RNA viruses whose name is derived from the club-shaped spikes protruding from the external surface of each virus, giving it the appearance of a crown. They are quite common pathogens that cause a number of human and animal diseases.

In the case of humans, coronaviruses are generally harmless and what they usually cause are quite mild infections of the upper respiratory tract that we tend to simply regard as the cases of a cold. MERS and SARS viruses are exceptions, being characterised by quite considerable death rates. A different case occurs with regard to animals, in which coronaviruses cause harmful infections of the digestive system (e.g. PEDV virus causing epidemic diarrhoea in swine, particularly life-threatening in the case of piglets), the respiratory system (e.g. CRCoV in dogs) or the infections of the systemic kind (e.g. the so-often fatal cases of infectious peritonitis in domestic cats, so-called FIP).

Our preparation is undergoing development on the basis of a proprietary modification of chitosan (a natural saccharide polymer) which is currently protected by 8 patent applications. The researchers of Jagiellonian University are the authors of this solution and they presently support our activity through the Scientific Council that performs an advisory function to us.


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